Posts on Facebook is easily being “scrolled away”. That is why deciding or designing the content of the posts, especially the posts for business purposes, can be a daunting task. Many of us are always stuck in a Facebook posting, with a common question playing in our mind – what makes people stop scrolling and stay with our posts? Will the post acquire Likes and Shares?  

Here are 3 things which can always grab the attention of the audiences which, if you apply in your Facebook posts, you will most likely create a pattern interrupt as the audiences scrolling their devices and make them stop for an initial 3 seconds to look at the post: 

  1. Eye Catching Post Visual 

    The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, a post with a picture is far more effective in terms of catching the attention as compared to texts. To make a further standout, a picture with eye-catching contrasting color will further make your picture pops up among the others, for instance, black and yellow, blue and orange, red and yellow, etc. 

    According to the study “The Impact of Color in Marketing”, about 62 – 90 percent of the assessment done when people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products, is based on color alone. This indicates that colors of the picture in your post not only plays the role of grabbing attention but also influencing the moods and the feelings of the audiences towards your posts, positively or negatively. Thus, the ideal color combinations for the picture of your post will be something worth paying attention to, if you want to attract people and influence them the way you want them to.  
  2. Copywriting or Tagline
    After the picture captures the attention of someone, copywriting or tagline takes over to keep the audience stay with your post. Given the reason that the audience most likely would only stay for another 3 – 8 seconds to decide whether or not to continue viewing the post, the tag line has got to be short, clear, straight to the point, and interest-catching. The use of numbers will be a good idea as numbers tend to register more easily in our brains, for example, “10 Last-minutes Interview tips”, “5 easy icebreakers in a party”, etc. 
  3. Incentives
    An incentive within a post motivates your audience to stay-tuned and “keep looking”. Such incentives can be in many forms – useful information or rewards are the common hooks, something like “Discover the secrets to a happy marriage”, “Easy lifestyle changes to reverse obesity”. To cause a stir further, you can add on an “urgency” in the hook, like “Last 3 days Crazy Flash”, “Another 12 hours to claim”.

Making your posts hard to miss isn’t that hard after all. Try these tips out, you will see the difference. Good luck!